Boot Lid Brides

Imagine commissioning an original piece of art for your wedding… maybe an image of you and your betrothed at a special event or when you proposed. You could opt for an image of a location that means the world to you both… or just your favourite image… of anything!
Then imagine if this unique piece of hand painted artwork arrives at your wedding on the boot of the classic French icon that is the Citroen 2CV.

Chloe and Dan 007.jpg

You will be chauffeur-driven in the car and arrive, to the amazement of your guests, with the fantastic portrait displayed on the boot.

After the ceremony, and at your wedding breakfast, we will remove the boot-lid and mount it on a display stand for everyone to see – you may even like to offer your guests the chance to sign the back of the piece with a Sharpie.

The ‘boot-lid’ will be supplied with picture wire ready for you to mount on your wall when you get home.